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Do you feel as if you are being bombarded by TV commercials and magazine ads to pick your own coverage?  It seems everyone is saying they are the best or least expensive. Unfortunately for the customer, that type of marketing is quite common today.  If you don’t spend every day working in the insurance industry how are you supposed to know who to pick or which coverage’s to consider.

When you call Streetlight, a licensed professional insurance agent will help you buy the coverage you actually need – not  let you guess and end up in a financial crisis when you least expect it.  Of course,if you know which coverage’s you want already, we can provide a quote for you on what you request.

We get calls everyday from people who wanted “cheaper insurance” or they called an agent who lowered their coverage amounts to reach that goal. Focusing solely on price is nothing short of a recipe for disaster.

At Streetlight we will suggest the right coverage’s to consider as well as shop our companies for you.  Everyone here including the owner, John, puts the control back in your hands with free consultations and free quotes.

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We are located at 11888 Lebanon Rd in Mount Juliet – right next to the famous “Larry’s Barber shop”.